Lottery is one of the most popular games played in Spain. Therefore, it is not surprising to note that there are a wide array of lottery games that can be played in the country. These games are not only a lot of fun, but also boast high jackpots and great odds due to which people from other areas are also interested in participating. Previously, this was not possible, but now, thanks to the internet, people from all over the globe can participate in the Spanish Lotto or the tons of other games that are widely played. Listed below are some of the popular Spanish lotteries to try out:

  • Primitiva

You can buy the tickets for this notable lottery from any of the licensed outlets. Six numbers have to be chosen from a total of 49 or you can also let the computer choose them for you. Draws for the lottery are made on every Thursday and Sunday and the jackpot goes to whoever matches all six numbers in the draw. Smaller prizes are given out to those with fewer matches.

  • Bonoloto

This lottery game is also similar to Primitiva as you have to select six numbers out of 49, but the draws for Bonoloto are made on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

  • La Quiniela

This particular game of lottery is based on football results and is like the football pools in the UK. It requires players to predict the outcome of the league matches and the tickets are sold by official lottery shops. Even if you are not in the country, online lottery agents can buy tickets on your behalf.

  • El Niño

El Niño means ‘the boy’ and the name of this extraordinary lottery refers to Baby Jesus. The draw of this game is conducted every year on January 6th for honoring the festival of Los Reyes.

  • El Gordo de Navidad

Perhaps, the most renowned lottery of Spain is El Gordo and its name means ‘the Christmas fat one’. It was introduced in 1763 by King Carlos III as a way of providing people with a better way of life. It is the biggest draw of the entire year and marks the starting of the celebration period in the country. The draw is held on December 22 each year and lasts for three hours and the numbers are drawn by students of a primary school in Madrid called San Ildefonso, which was an orphanage once. Spanish radio and TV both cover the draw thoroughly. More recently, a summer draw has been introduced for El Gordo.

  • Cupón de la ONCE

The Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles is the national association for the blind and runs this charity game. The main draws are conducted on Sunday and Friday, but a daily draw is also held for a smaller game. The results are broadcasted on TV and can also be found online.

These are just some of the lotteries in Spain. You can also try the loteria nacional extra or the EuroMillions if you are looking for something bigger.